XIX century Photo Techniques: Collodion, Albumen & Oil Print: Dorota Dawidowicz, Janusz Witkowski & Janusz Sochacki

It’s an next episode, I continue the travel through the old techniques finding myself in the opportunities that are given to me. Last time I saw Talbot’s works which inspired me a lot for things that I’ve already started to create. For now it will be a private project but, who knows – maybe it will be worth showing later on. The collodion process is an early photographic process, said to have been invented, almost simultaneously, by Frederick Scott Archer andRead more

William Henry Fox Talbot: Dawn of Photography – exhibition

This Wednesday I’ve been at the London Science Museum to check out the new exhibition of William Henry Fox Talbot: Dawn of Photography. In the nineteenth century, as the industrial revolution boomed, Fox Talbot revolutionised culture and communications by inventing the negative-positive process, a technique that formed the basis of photography around the world for over 150 years and immortalised him as father of the photograph. At the exhibition I’ve finally saw REAL Talbotypes, Talbotype negatives and they even had Daguerreotypes whichRead more