Freshers week at Roehampton University 2015

The Freshers week in Roehampton is over and I’m really excited for upcoming lectures.

During this week I’ve had an opportunity to meet some of my colleagues and as well get to know the Campus a little bit. I’m very curious about the works that my colleagues made until the start of Uni, and the one of my Tutors. Since I’ve been in Wrocław, the works always described the character of the person and as well the skills. It’s fascinating to see how people grow from basic pictures to those really fine ones, that present a inner deep, a story to tell.
I think soon, there will appear more Studio Photography as well as Analogue Photography – cause the University gives me access to the Studio and the Darkroom, and I have a lots of ideas and films to process. I was waiting for this moment quite a bit.
There will be loads of opportunities for me to get involved into many projects, which I’m going to take part, if only I would find time – I still have my other job to pay bills and living costs. Anyway, I’m going to try and do my best!
There is one thing that I need to write: The Campus is Lovely! Except of obviousness, that the Campus is a good place to chill out and hang out between the lectures, it is a great place to shoot photos! I’ve caught many places that I will use in my future projects – for sure!