On the path of the Medium

Halfway trough the University I went to my home country, I’ve visited Zawoja – the largest village in Poland. I’ve had such a need to go into the wild. I’ve needed to breathe some proper fresh air and turn into a wanderer. Poland is beautiful during Autumn. All trees are turning yellow, gold, brown, red and all in between.

I’ve spend quality time with one of my friends exploring Oudh oil fragrances – my friend is crazy about them! We talked a lot and I’ve came on a quite interesting conclusion – the construction of a good work of art: if it’s a painting, photograph, a film, music track or even a fragrance; it’s based on your imagination and what do you see in your head, and how it suppose to look like at the end of creation. There are differences with the Medium that you use, but the ‘thing’ what we want to ‘say’ is in our imagination, and it needs to be complete, to show the full potential and the final work.

If you can imagine something, then – it’s possible!

Medium is just a different way to ‘speak’. Is like a language. The imagination help us define with words and that language the image itself, and finally create the piece of art.
I was wondering about using different Mediums in Photography – my reasoning is highly bounded with a Module that I have in my University called: “Concept and Materiality”. Playing with a medium is quite important – you need to explore the medium, the ‘language’ if you want to say something in a different way than ‘others’. Every medium has it’s own characteristics, some are invisible, digital, some are fragile, physical.