The Photographers’ Gallery (July – October 2015)

Today I’ve visited with my fellow colleagues “The Photographers’ Exhibition” near Oxford Circus.

In the largest public gallery in London there were many good works that I encourage you to see. For me, the best ones was those of: Ryan McGinley and Shirley Baker.

Ryan McGinley exposed 9 well framed portraits of young people having fun at music Concerts. I like this set of Photographs, because of well portrayed people. It gives me this nice and warm energy of being at a Concert and chill out, listen to music, dance, have fun, meet other people.

The best Exhibition was the one of Shirley Baker. She showed Analogue pictures from the ’60s shot mostly in Salford and Manchester. She played with the contents exposing kind of a truthful portrait of those hard times for poor people. Although the hardship is visible many of the children was happy, playing on the streets and have fun. So between the poverty there is happiness to find and during the time you see the photographs, you smile.