Crucified – is it really only to hang on a cross? Can you be crucified differently than that? This was my question which I hope I’ve found an answer.

Whatever if you are a believer in God, in Jesus, or not – the story about Jesus is not only a description of people who saw him or his disciples that had the opportunity to learn from him – it is a metaphor which He teaches us that everyone on this world is bearing a “cross”. Sometimes is not only one, or two, sometimes there are few. The point is – how the Bible tells us – that no matter how many times you fall, you need to get up and bear your cross to the death until you “die” – then you win… then you come resurrected – a new You – Godlike.

What can be a cross, a burden?
Your dreams, people around you, your life, money, loneliness, your family, your girlfriend, your work, your nationality, the colour of your skin, your character, your flaws, yourself.
You choose what it can be or what it can’t be. You choose your own path like Jesus did, to go on that mountain and die. He knew what is going to happen and he wanted that, cause he knew what is going to happen after the ‘death’. He had faith. He knew, that he needs to sacrifice himself to get resurrected, to turn himself into a better form – to free himself from the form – to get formless at some point.


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