Holidays were very fruitful compared to the last time. Except of Kamil, I’ve invited another actor – Łukasz Twardowski. Łukasz has performed many shows in Theatres, and he also had his own show going on with his own theatre group. On this holiday we were able to meet and our cooperation resulted in this project and a few other photos (which maybe I will show in the future).


They say lone people are the best type of humans – because lonely people have learned not to possess other people and control them. Loneliness has made them independent from others and not being addicted to them. It is true. Loneliness is the path of a lone wolf. It is perseverance and self-sufficiency. But loneliness is like a walk on a rope. When loss of balance threatens a fall, then loneliness becomes overwhelming. Walk around the line can be exciting, but you walk alone – without support and assurance.

Model: Łukasz Twardowski


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