Nyahbinghi 2010

Nyahbinghi is a Rastafarian Celebration which is the most Important one during the year. Each year at 23th of July Rastafarians gather to celebrate the birthday of His Imperial Majesty, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, The Conquering Lion of Judah Haile Selassie I Jah Rastafari – which is the Son of God, Jesus that suppose to come again to earth, as written in the Bible.

This was my first Nyahbinghi that I could attend and it changed my life. It was held in the South of Poland in a small village called Brenna. It was a great start of my spiritual path that gave me new hopes and great spiritual power. I can say I was Revived after this few days that I’ve spend with my fellow brothers, nothing was forced on me, only my own questions in my head – the answers was logic and simple – maybe that’s why it worked and it still does.

I remember that at the night when the Emperor was born, it was a lightning storm – the same happened to us, the same day. I was always afraid of the storm so in the middle of the night I run from my tent to the nearly house. I remember when we left the place, when the Celebration was finished – a rainbow appeared, which in the Bible, a Rainbow is a symbol of the covenant between man and God.

That day, I knew.
That day, changed my life.
That day, I’ve believed that He is out there.


Analog: Rollei Retro 400, Zenit ET, dev: R09.

Reportage made at the first official Nyahbinghi in Poland in 2010.

My Zenit gives a lovely blurry/foggy effect in the lights part – love it!


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