Qingli Cao – A dancer from China

I always wanted to try, to photograph dancers. Few weeks ago I’ve advertised in my Uni – that I’m searching for dancers. Qingli Cao was the first one which replied. We’ve got quite well on our first meeting talking about dancing, pictures and ideas – she was very Inspired and had lots of ideas!

Quite soon we’ve met up for a shoot in Richmond Park. Richmond… is huge. The other day I had an opportunity to explore it and I’ve mapped some nice places that I’ve could use for my projects. From a long time I’ve had an inner pressure to do something with smoke. After I’ve saw how Qingli is dancing, I knew that the smoke could play a great role in this project.

Just at the beginning of the shoot Qingli was bitten by a Bumblebee in the foot! I’ve thought that it will be the end of the shoot that we didn’t even started. For our luck the Bumblebee just bit her but it didn’t sting her – which is the best option, as we just needed to wait until it stopped to hurt.

The dance that Qingli presented to me is one of the many that Ancient China has to show and even if I’m not an big enthusiast about it, I liked it a lot – as when I was a child, I was really into Far East Culture – Samurais, Dragons, etc.


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