Private lessons

I’m giving private lessons in Photography for everyone who are interested to develop their skills as a Photographer.

What are you “looking” for?

If you are on a journey to search for a passion and you would like to give it a go for Photography; if Photography is your hobby and you would like to progress; if you are a young Photographer who would like to know more and develop further in Photography (ex. attempting to go University for Photography) – then I can help you with that.

Technical background – Photo Technician Diploma

I have a strong Technical background obtained in one of the best private schools in Poland. I’ve been in the TOP 3 Graduating Students in year 2011, graduated with a Photo Technician Diploma.

Analogue and Digital

I was learning both Digital and Analogue Photography with equal intensity to the subjects. Nowadays the most knowledge you get is about Digital Photography, and even the Universities gave up to teach more Analogue, cause it doesn’t “sell”. I can teach you how to process films, handle old cameras, develop photos in a darkroom. It is more expensive than Digital Photography, but the satisfaction is better as well the worth of you work.

Edition & Workflow

Photoshop/Lightroom is essential for most Photographers, many of them have their own style, tricks and workflow which makes their work better.


You can look, but you cannot see. I can teach you how to see and notice, how to be in the space that surrounds you. I can make you “think” the pictures in your head and make them happen, make them real. You want to make pretty pictures or/and give a message? Whatever you want, I can teach you that.


The lessons will consist not only of Me talking and You listening. Off course I’ll give you knowledge but I want you to take action in everything what we do together. There will be homework, goals to accomplish and many more. There will be lessons in the Studio and maybe in the Darkroom if you wish. We visit Exhibitions and talk about Photography, Photographers, Art in general… .

Who do I teach?

Everyone who is keen to learn. Doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or you already know something about Photography. Before we start, we have a little chat that helps me to know your level, after that – pedal to the metal!

My only requirement is to have and DSLR Camera and if you would like to learn Analogue Photography: as well an Analogue Camera – as I don’t lend my equipment.

Please send all enquiries about the details on my mail: or through the Contact page.

Lessons will be held in West London (Ealing, Hammersmith, Putney, Roehampton area) as well as Central London.